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Primatech | Staplers | 245FS Pneumatic

Primatech 245F
Fastener Model: 245FS


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L Cleat configuration available.
The Primatech 250FS FIXED base plate pneumatic fastening tools embody the most advanced technical developments in flooring installation. The 250’s features the PRIMPACT module, a breakthrough for the industry.
The 250FS version features a Short nose and compact valve design to provide an all around striking surface, enabling the nailing of more boards closer to the end walls.
Packed full of innovative features, the reinforced high-strength aluminum head casing offers reliability, extended performance and unequalled smoothness of operation. Close-tolerance parts assembly and a new cylinder design (for reduced wear and quick interchangeability between same generation units) are indeed a great added value for the discriminating user.
Using industry Standard 15.5ga - ½" crown, 2" - 1 ¾" - 1½" staple.

(source Primatech)

Weight: 11.1 lbs (5.0kg)
Height : 17 ¾" (451mm)
Length : 15" (327mm)
Width : 5.200"
- Its heavy duty cast aluminum body and comfort grip combine ruggedness and easy handling.
- It is powerful yet smooth to handle, with no recoil effect.
- Its low centre of gravity and perfect balance provide stability.
- The only flooring tool with a compact all-around striking surface, which enables the closest reach to the end walls and is misfire free.
- Its wood friendly composite standard base offers excellent protection to prefinished flooring boards. The standard base is interchangeable with the optional Trak Edge high impact base for even superior glide and stability.
- The tool has a large head cap, a high speed discharge valve activated from any angle and a striking system that regulates the depth of penetration independently from the mallet impact. A light mallet impact will set nail perfectly.
- High speed action and minimal moving parts result in a powerful yet soft stroke, a shorter air saving cycle and increased precision.
- It operates at a pressure of 80 psi (5,5 bar).
- A cast iron, 2.8lbs (1,3kg) 16’’ (400mm) mallet is supplied with the 245.

Factory assembled with the standard base for ¾’’ (19mm) boards with a 110 nail capacity, it can install ½’’ to 33/32’’ (13 to 26mm) hardwood flooring with P188 optional base.
Available accessories include the A001 Trak Edge and the PrimSurfer A870 roller base.
Stapler or T nailer configuration also available.

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